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Discover the Golf O Max app

All of the value of the Golf O Max voucher book in one convenient App.: easy to carry, easy to use, new golf courses and vouchers added during the year and no delivery delay.

You can install the Golf O Max app on several smartphones on demo mode (iOS Apple or Android devices). A cellular network 3G, 4G, 4G + or wifi is required to use it.

But each Golf O Max account and use of the vouchers is connected to one single device. We recommend that you install it on your favorite smartphone.

Once your account is created, sign in to your account on your smartphone to use more than 1700 vouchers included.

Use and validation of the vouchers

Important! You must validate the voucher (s) on the day of their use. (Tip: do it before you get to the golf course to make sure you have a network connection).

The holder of the account must be present at the front desk of the golf course. The golf course staff may ask for ID.

1- Book your tee time (under the account holder name) by calling the golf course;

2- Validate the desired voucher (s) from the app on the day of his or their use;

3- Present at the golf course front desk your device on which appears the voucher (s) in the section "My account - My validated vouchers" or the email that you received.

4- Pay your green fee(s) and enjoy the discount(s).

Any validated voucher (s) will be automatically removed from your vouchers list for the golf course concerned.


What is the number of vouchers per golf course?

Each golf course offers 2 to 4 vouchers in the app with the "Classique" membership, the "Gold" and the "Premium" memberships will multiply by 2 or 3 the number of vouchers per golf course.

Is the membership valid for all regions and countries?

All discount vouchers are included in your membership, for all regions and for all countries.

How long does my membership last?

Your membership to the Golf O Max application is valid from January 1st to December 31st of each year. Each voucher has a validity period of its own.

Can two or more people use the vouchers of a single membership or is it necessary to have two or more memberships?

The membership is connected to a single device, but a couple or a small group can use a single membership if the holder of themembership is present at the front desk of the golf course. The golf course staff may ask for ID.

If a golf course offers a voucher "2 players for the price of 1", you will only use one voucher for both.

If a golf course offers two vouchers "25% discount on 1 green fee", you will validate one voucher per player.

If you realize that you might need more vouchers for the same golf course, it may be better to have a membership / pers. or to choose the "Gold" or "Premium" memberships to multiply the number of vouchers per golf course on the same membership.

Is it worth taking your Golf O Max membership during the year?

Even if there are only two days left, it is sometimes enough to use one or two vouchers to save money.

Ex: a golf course offers a voucher "2 players for the price of 1"

The green fee rate is 50 €

Result: You will save 50 € !!!

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